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  • office.cce@iisc.ac.in

Prof. G L Sivakumar Babu
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)

Email: chair.cce@iisc.ac.in

Prof. Ashitava Ghosal
(Dean, Faculty of Engineering)

Email: dean.engg@iisc.ac.in

Prof. Kaushal Verma
(Dean, Division of Physics and Mathematical Sciences)

Email: dean.phy@iisc.ac.in

Prof. G K Ananthasuresh
(Dean, Division of Mechanical Sciences)

Email: dean.mec@iisc.ac.in

Prof. Rajesh Sundaresan
(Dean, Division of Electrical Electronic and Computer Science)

Email: dean.ele@iisc.ac.in

Prof. L Umanand
(Co-ordinator, NPTEL)

Email: lums@iisc.ac.in

Capt. Sridhar Warrier (Retd.)

Email: registrar@iisc.ac.in

Ms. Indumati Srinivasan
Financial Controller

Email: fc.fna@iisc.ac.in

Prof. Varsha Singh
Email: varsha@iisc.ac.in

Prof. Umesh Varshney
(Dean, Faculty of Science)

Email: dean.sci@iisc.ac.in

Prof. G Mugesh
(Dean, Division of Chemical Sciences)

Email: dean.che@iisc.ac.in

Prof.Usha Vijayraghavan
(Dean, Division of Biological Sciences)

Email: dean.bio@iisc.ac.in

Prof. Navakant Bhat
(Dean, Interdisciplinary Research Division )

Email: dean.idr@iisc.ac.in

Prof. K V S Hari
Email: hari@iisc.ac.in

Prof. Yogesh Simmhan
Email: simmhan@iisc.ac.in

Prof. T A Abinandanan
Email: abinand@iisc.ac.in

Prof. N Ravi Sundaresan
(Co-ordinator, QIP and Proficience)

Email: rsundaresan@iisc.ac.in

Prof. V Kumaran
(Dept. of Chemical Engineering)