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Extension Lecture Programme

The Extension Lecture Series has been visualized to motivate the young children from schools and colleges to go for higher studies of their choice. By attending these lectures the students from different socio economic background get a chance to know the past, present and the recent developments in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Technology. The resource persons, faculties from different departments are going to different places and deliver these lectures. Though, the lectures are semi-scientific/technical mainly popular lectures.

With this in view, the Institute, under the Continuing Education Program has been organizing Extension Lectures by its faculty since 1990 in institutions of higher learning at the technical level, in Engineering and science colleges and in schools, public/cultural organizations, Doordarshan and All India Radio at the popular level. These extension lectures are expected to be of great help in the transfer of information on the latest scientific developments in this Institute and other organization in India and abroad. They are intended to popularize Science and through science bring about a transformation in the basic thinking from the traditional fatalistic attitude to a daring confidence in facing scientifically the challengers of the modern times.

These lectures are arranged not only in Bengaluru but also in centres in the entire state of Karnataka and sometimes even outside the state. Even though the majority of these are in English, lectures are also arranged in regional languages like Kannada/Hindi, if specific requests are received. Many of these lectures are supported by demonstration, slides, transparencies and models.

Dr. M Nethaji
Extension Lecture Programme
Email: mnetaji@iisc.ac.in
Phone: 080 2293 3350