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Results for Jan - May 2018

Course No. 3. Internal Combustion Engines

Course No. 4. Innovative Product Development and Design Methods

Course No. 5. Project Management

Course No. 6. Data Mining

Course No. 7. Design Thinking and Innovation

Course No.10. Linear and Non-linear Programming - 1

Course No. 12. Industrial Internet of Things

Course No. 13. Deep Learning: Theory and Practice

Course No. 14. Online Course on Deep Learning: Theory and Practice

Course No. 17. Structural Analysis & Design Optimization of Engineering Structures and Systems

Course No. 18. Embedded System on ARM Platform

Course No. 19. Microelectromechanical Sensors Technology and Material Characterization Techniques

Course No. 20. Smart design methods and processes in Automotive Industry

Course No. 21. Basics of Data Analytics Fundamentals

Course No. 24. Marketing Management

Course No. 25. Integrated Circuits, MOSFETs, Op-Amps and their Applications

Course No. 26. Management of Intellectual Property Protection Licensing and Transfer

Course No. 27. Basics of Data Analytics ML & NLP

Course No. 28. Basic Concepts of Finite Element Method

Course No. 30. Introduction to Industrial Design

Course No. 31. Principles and Applications in Genetic Engineering

As the results are announced one by one, the certificates are too will be made ready one by one. Hence, participants are requested to wait for few more days and once the certificates are ready for issue, the same will be announced through our website.